Dewalt Table Saw Fence Problems: Troubleshoot and Fix Now

Dewalt table saw fence problems can be frustrating, but they can be solved by adjusting the fence alignment or lubricating the mechanism. The dewalt table saw fence is an essential component that allows for accurate cuts, but it can become misaligned or sticky over time.

In this article, we will explore common fence problems that arise with dewalt table saws and provide tips on how to fix them. Whether you’re a professional woodworker or a diy enthusiast, understanding how to troubleshoot and resolve fence issues will improve the performance and precision of your table saw.

Let’s dive in!

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Understand The Dewalt Table Saw Fence

dewalt table saw fence problems

The dewalt table saw fence is an essential part of a table saw that enables accuracy and precision in woodworking. If you’re looking for an effective way to increase your woodworking skills, it’s important to understand how the dewalt table saw fence works.

We’ll provide you with a brief overview of its design, features, and benefits.

Explanation Of The Design And Features Of The Dewalt Table Saw Fence

The DeWalt table saw fence is a versatile and reliable tool used in woodworking.

  • The fence is made of high-quality materials and is built to last a long time.
  • The fence is adjustable, which means you can tweak it to your desired angle and lock it in place.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of table saws, so you can attach it to your existing saw regardless of brand or model.
  • The fence is designed to be simple to use and maintain, so you can spend less time fussing with it and more time finishing your woodworking projects.

Benefits Of The Dewalt Table Saw Fence

Using the dewalt table saw fence provides a range of benefits that make it a great investment for any serious woodworker.

  • This fence system ensures that your cuts are more accurate and precise, no matter what type of woodworking you are doing.
  • The fence cuts down on slips, mishaps, and wasted materials that can occur when sawing without a proper fence.
  • This tool is designed to be user-friendly and precise, even for beginners. This makes it ideal for anyone who is just starting out with woodworking and wants to make sure that they get the right cuts.
  • Since it is compatible with a wide range of table saws, it is an excellent option for anyone who wants to improve their woodworking skills on their existing table saw.
  • Many woodworkers consider the dewalt table saw fence to be one of the best fence systems available, so it is a reliable choice for those in need of high-quality fence system for their table saw.

Overall, the dewalt table saw fence is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to make woodworking more accurate and precise. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the benefits of using this fence system are undeniable.

Highlighting Common Issues And Errors With The Dewalt Table Saw Fence

Dewalt Table Saw Fence

Dewalt is one of the most trusted and popular brands for table saws among woodworkers. However, even the best tools may face problems or errors that can impact their performance.

Misaligned Fence

A misaligned fence is one of the most prevalent problems with dewalt table saw fences. It occurs when the fence does not run parallel to the blade, causing inaccurate cuts. You can identify a misaligned fence by examining the blade and the fence’s position.

If the blade and fence are not in line, it indicates a misalignment.

To fix this issue, first, disconnect the saw’s power source and remove the blade. Check if the fence is correctly adjusted and make the necessary adjustments using the calibration tools. Finally, reattach the blade and double-check if the fence is correctly aligned.

uneven movement

Another common issue with dewalt table saw fences is irregular movement. It occurs when the fence moves unevenly, causing improper cuts. You can easily identify uneven movement by immovably securing a piece of wood to the fence. If the fence moves irregularly, it indicates this issue.

To fix this problem, you need to check for any visible obstructions or debris that may be obstructing the movement. In case of any obstruction, clean the fence before reassembling the saw. If this doesn’t work, try adjusting the fence adjustment screws or replacing the fence altogether.

inaccurate measurement

An uneven tape measurement is a common issue with dewalt table saw fences. It occurs when the tape measure is misaligned from the blade, resulting in inaccurate measurements. To determine this issue, examine the tape measure to see if it lines up accurately with the blade.

To fix this issue, you need to readjust the tape measure. Adjust the screws on the fence rail and align them with the blade’s position for an accurate measurement.

Impact Of The Problems On The Overall Performance Of The Table Saw

The above issues can significantly impact the overall performance of your dewalt table saw, leading to inaccurate cuts or lower-quality woodwork. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly check your table saw fence for any issues or faults. A misaligned fence, uneven movement, or inaccurate measurement can ruin any project or lead to potential safety hazards.

By understanding this common dewalt table saw fence problems and their solutions, you can keep your saw working efficiently and increase its lifespan.

Dewalt Table Saw Fence Problems: Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re using a dewalt table saw and encounter problems with the fence system, don’t panic! There are several things you can do to troubleshoot the issue before calling a professional. We’ll provide a step-by-step guide to identify the problem and give solutions to fix it.

Tools Required For Fixing The Problems

To fix dewalt table saw fence problems, you will need the following tools:

  • Allen wrenches
  • Straight edge ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Screwdrivers
  • A hammer

Check The Alignment Of Fence And Blade

One of the most common issues with the dewalt table saw fence is misalignment. This problem can cause sawing inaccuracies and must be fixed immediately. To troubleshoot this, follow the practical steps below.

  • Align the fence parallel to the blade.
  • Ensure that there is no debris or sawdust interfering with the fence alignment.
  • Refer to the dewalt table saw’s manual instructions for proper fence adjustment.

Inspect The Fence Components

Another crucial factor in troubleshooting dewalt table saw fence problems is inspecting the fence components. Damaged, worn-out, and missing parts can cause issues with the fence system’s accuracy.

  • Check for any broken, damaged, or missing fence components.
  • Clean or lubricate the fence components if required.
  • Check for proper assembly of the components, ensuring no misalignment.
  • Check for bent or worn-out fence components and replace if required.

Things To Check Before Calling A Professional

There are times when you cannot fix the problem yourself. However, there are still several things you can do before calling a professional to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Check The Warranty

If you experience specific problems with the fence system that seem beyond your capabilities to fix, check if your dewalt table saw is still under warranty to avoid unwanted repair costs.

Research For Diy Solutions

In this age of the internet, researching online is the first step to take when troubleshooting table saw problems. Look for forums, online articles, and videos that provide diy solutions to your fence problem.

Contact Dewalt Customer Support

If you have tried to troubleshoot the problem on your own, and your research didn’t yield a solution, consider contacting dewalt’s customer support. They might suggest some solutions you hadn’t considered.

Dewalt table saw fence problems could be irritating and time-consuming. However, with a little bit of troubleshooting and proper maintenance, such issues can be quickly resolved. Remember to check the alignment of the fence and blade, inspect the fence components, and follow the guide’s instructions to avoid unnecessary expenses and get your fence back in top shape.

Cost-Effective Diy Methods For Fixing Common Problems

Using the below tips, you can save costs while still fixing common dewalt table saw fence problems with ease:

  • Align the fence with a straight edge ruler to guarantee that it is parallel to the blade.
  • Ensure that the lock handle bolts are tight to avoid any misalignment at the source.
  • Lubricate the fence bar to reduce friction that can cause sliding difficulties.

Fixing common dewalt table saw fence problems is easy, and with a little diy tinkering and some elbow grease, you can have your table saw up and running smoothly in no time. So, the next time you notice fence problems in your dewalt table saw, use this handy guide to troubleshoot and restore it to perfect working order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Are Common Dewalt Table Saw Fence Problems?

Dewalt table saw fence problems include misalignment, wobbling, and inaccurate measurements.

How Do I Properly Align My Dewalt Table Saw Fence?

To properly align the dewalt table saw fence, adjust the mounting brackets and check for parallelism.

Are There Any Diy Solutions For Dewalt Table Saw Fence Issues?

Yes, you can use shims or build a homemade jig to fix some dewalt table saw fence problems.

Can I Replace A Damaged Dewalt Table Saw Fence?

Yes, replacements are available, but check compatibility with your specific saw model.

How Do I Prevent Future Dewalt Table Saw Fence Problems?

Regularly check and adjust the fence alignment, use high-quality blades, and handle the saw with care.


After addressing the issues with dewalt table saw fence, it is clear that it can be frustrating for woodworkers to have problems with their fence. However, with a proper understanding of the issues and the necessary ways to tackle them, the problems can be overcome.

Some of the common issues with dewalt table saw fence include alignment problems, locking issues, and difficulties with accuracy. These can all be solved by following the troubleshooting tips and ensuring that maintenance and adjustment of the fence are done regularly.

It is important to note that a reliable fence is essential for a table saw to function efficiently. The dewalt table saw fence is one of the best in the market but malfunctions do occur. With the knowledge gained from this article, it is hoped that users can fix and prevent problems with their fence, leading to a better woodworking experience.

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